Justine Playing


Unleashing performance creativity and confidence – and LOVING it!

Are you a performer looking for more successful and rewarding ways to express yourself artistically?

Would you like to experience more physical ease and natural confidence when you perform?

Or perhaps you’d like to enjoy your performing more or even reconnect with your love of performing?

If so, you are in the right place.

Through my 27-year performing career, I have experienced the inspiring benefits of mind and body integration in successful and rewarding artistic expression. As a result of constant experimentation, I have discovered how objective awareness and clarity of intention offer valuable insights into both what holds us back, as well as what liberates us in our creative expression and enjoyment.

I am keen to share the discoveries that have helped me constantly evolve as a violinist, musician, teacher and creative person through my own career – discoveries that profoundly contribute to healthier, happier and more successful creative performance.

So, named after the performance philosophy at the heart of my approach, I have created ListenFeelPlay.

My goal is to inspire and support you towards healthier and happier creative performance, fully unleashing your natural creativity and confidence – and LOVING it!

Creative Performance Coaching

As a Creative Performance Coach, I offer directed personalised coaching to help you explore ListenFeelPlay philosophies in your own creative pursuit.


  • Whether you are a highly experienced professional performer, enthusiastic amateur, beginner or a performance teacher yourself, ListenFeelPlay philosophies can inspire and support you.
  • No matter where you are in the world, coaching with me is possible through the wonders of video calling platforms (such as skype or other platform of your choice).
  • I’ll support you to develop new objective and insightful awareness within your own creative processes, both in terms of your thinking and also how you engage with and use your body.
  • I’ll support you to uncover more success, ease and enjoyment in your creative pursuit and help you to unleash your confidence and creativity.

When Justine Cormack launched ListenFeelPlay it felt like she was speaking directly to me and that she had the answers to my lost freedom of music making without self-imposed judgment and stress. Justine is a trustworthy, confidential, patient and caring person. Her kind, nurturing nature and respectful communication skills lend perfectly to supporting high level performers to achieve confidence and freedom from performance stresses.

In our sessions together I’ve been made to feel instantly at ease and supported to be able to share personal feelings around a craft that is very much a part of who I am. She understands my performance issues and challenges at a deep level having worked to such a high level herself in many different professional settings.

Not only has she provided me with some techniques to use when I’m feeling pressured but in the bigger picture some skills to find that simplicity and joy of playing a musical instrument like when you first started.

The idea of a music performance coach is long overdue. I love knowing that I can call on Justine for a quick pep talk if needed, she has always checked in on my progress and ListenFeelPlay is there to encourage, guide and support my musical life.

Tim Sutton

Bass Trombonist, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

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