Justine Cormack

Creative Performance Coaching

Inspiring healthier and happier creative performers who LOVE what they do

What is a Creative Performance Coach?

Like a physical personal trainer who helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals, or a business coach who assists you to build a thriving business, as a Creative Performance Coach, I offer directed personalised coaching to support you to achieve more ease, enjoyment and success in your creative pursuit.

By helping you to develop objective and insightful mind and body self-awareness (principles at the heart of my ListenFeelPlay performance philosophy), you will let go of unhealthy and unhelpful creative processes. In turn, you’ll discover more healthy, fulfilling and successful ways to engage your creative expression. Through holistic and objective mind and body awareness you will fully unlock your imagination and release the creative wisdom that you already possess.

Confidence is something you build and manifest for yourself. With my guidance, you will learn how to objectively evaluate yourself and your creativity without judgement. Through honest and supportive self-critiquing and self-reflection you will consciously practise and build confidence at every step. You will learn to trust yourself and your creative ability throughout the process.

Who’s it for?

Most of my clients are professional musicians, but I also work with amateur performers as well as performance teachers. No matter your creative pursuit, I can support you to explore and experiment with true insight to achieve more positive performance results.

I can help you no matter where you are in the world with the use of video calling. It’s straightforward to set up and has proven to be a successful medium for ListenFeelPlay coaching, together exploring new paradigms for your performance.

My aim is to support you to fully unleash your confidence and creativity – and derive more significant enjoyment and rewards from your performance.

After a few in-depth conversations it became clear that this was someone with not only a vast knowledge of music and the different career paths that are associated with it, but also of the wide range of issues involved with the occupation of being a professional in this field…

…This is a lady of integrity, of experience, and with an open, creative mind that will be able to work with all types of musicians – should they also be open to share their experiences freely and openly…

Suyeon Kang

Violin Soloist

Justine is a trustworthy, confidential, patient and caring person. Her kind, nurturing nature and respectful communication skills lend perfectly to supporting high level performers to achieve confidence and freedom from performance stresses…Not only has she provided me with some techniques to use when I’m feeling pressured but in the bigger picture some skills to find that simplicity and joy of playing a musical instrument like when you first started…

Tim Sutton

Bass Trombonist, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Justine has a confidence and calmness about her that makes you feel at ease. No question I had was silly and no problem too small. The ultimate goal is to ensure your music making is as enjoyable as possible and her approach makes you feel empowered to take that control of your musicianship…

…My sessions with Justine have been invaluable for me and my career as a violinist. Approaching music from the standpoint of curiosity and creativity, playing the violin is now so much more than just a ‘day job’!

Megan Molina

Violinist, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra


What experience do I (Justine) bring to the role?
As a result of close to 30 years as a professional violinist playing in all manner of ensembles, and most recently as the violinist of NZTrio playing throughout NZ and on the international stage, I understand intimately the creative process of performing. I have consistently explored the most natural, intelligent and ease-full ways to engage both body and mind in order to fully unleash creative self-expression.

As a teacher throughout my career, I have explored these principles with my students. Together with my own performance experiences, I have amassed knowledge around the secrets of performance success and enjoyment that I am keen to share far and wide. Helping others to unlock their creative potential is what fundamentally motivates and inspires me, as well as supporting the enjoyment of the whole process.

I fully grasp the mental and physical challenges involved in creative performance, as well as the potential pitfalls that are presented regularly in the creative process. Mindset and attitude are critical. I understand the effect of constant and necessary self-critiquing, alongside the importance of being able to build self-confidence at the same time. There is an extremely fine balance to managing this self-evaluation process, and I have experienced this from the inside out.

I have been consistently fascinated in the ergonomic movement of the human body, always striving to find the most natural and freeing way to move. I have explored the movement philosophies of both the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques, and my regular yoga practice informs my mind+body awareness and connection.

We all have the capacity to constantly learn and develop through our lives. The creative process is a never-ending and challenging one in my experience, and I love that sense of consistently evolving and experiencing new things. The rewards can be great! I aim to inspire by example and support others to strive towards their own creative potential and ultimate self-expression.

Who will benefit from Creative Performance Coaching?
In my experience, no matter what level performer you are, from beginner right through to top level professional, ListenFeelPlay philosophies have the potential to add great value to your performance processes and development, informing new and powerful ways to unlock your confidence, creativity and enjoyment.

Paying close objective attention to the way you engage physically and mentally with your creative pursuit invariably allows a greater ease and more profound self-expression – no matter what level performer you are. I would love to help you unleash your full creative potential and to help you to thoroughly enjoy the process.

Is Creative Performance Coaching right for me?
If you are committed to your ongoing development as a musician/creative performer, no matter what level you are, then Creative Performance Coaching is right for you.

If you enjoy exploring and experimenting with how you engage your body and mind in your creative pursuit, Creative Performance Coaching is right for you.

Creative Performance Coaching will assist you to gain profound insight into your creative processes. By reflecting on the effectiveness of your methods, and by exploring new and liberating ways of engaging your attention both physically and mentally, you will have the opportunity to refresh and reset your whole attitude, consciously unleashing your self-expression and performance potential.

By experimenting with ListenFeelPlay philosophies, you can refocus your relationship with performance. My goal is always to help unlock ultimate enjoyment of the whole process, no matter what age you are or stage you are at.

The process is fun, inspiring and liberating, so if this sounds like something you want more of, then Creative Performance Coaching is right for you.

What will I get out of Creative Performance Coaching?
Creative Performance Coaching will give you the opportunity to refresh and reset your creative processes, allowing you to access your creativity more easily and naturally, and quite simply getting out of your own way to allow your natural expression to shine through.

You will discover more enjoyment and fulfilment from your performance, and will uncover new ways to perform and express with more confidence and ease.

You will also discover the value of objective reflection, and in the process will set new attitudes and intentions that support the release and expression of your creative potential.

What is the process?
No two coaching processes are alike, as every performer is unique, however, after an initial 30-minute complimentary intro session to nail down what you are seeking from Creative Performance Coaching (usually held via skype, facetime or similar digital platform), we will together work out an inspiring plan moving forward.

Generally there will be a questionnaire for you to fill out. This will be the start of your self-reflection process around the way you currently perform and create, and will also help to pinpoint what you hope to acheive through the Creative Performance Coaching process.

Then we will likely have a few hour-long sessions, either in person or via an internet platform, within a time to suit your goals. During these sessions, we will explore together your physical and mental approach to your performance – both by talking and playing, and as a result, you’ll discover new ideas to experiment with, explore and reflect on in your own time, feeding these discoveries back to me in our next session together.

It is important to add that this process will be completely confidential between us.

My aim is to inspire you and give you concrete skills to enhance your creative process, confidence and overall enjoyment. I will work with you to discover the best way to help you refresh and reset your performance modus operandi, in order to unleash the creative expression you already possess.

How many sessions will I need?

This will all depend on you. Following the complimentary 30-minute intro session, three to five hour-long sessions are likely be sufficient to support a reset and refresh of your creative process. As a result of these sessions, there will be many new ideas and approaches for your to explore and experiment with in your creative process.

Depending on what you discover, you may wish to explore a lot further with more sessions. Or maybe some subsequent ‘check-in’ sessions will be of use to assist your ongoing development over time.

Of course, this fluid process will be entirely up to you and determined by what you want to achieve.

What technology will I need?

If we are unable to meet in person, it’s not a problem. We can work together through your preferred internet video calling platform. You will simply need is a device with a camera (phone, computer, tablet etc) that is connected to a stable internet connection. I can help you to set your device up so that it will be as if we are in the same room. Ahh – the wonders of technology!

If I already have a performance teacher, is Creative Performance Coaching right for me?
Yes. I am entirely supportive of other teaching processes and am sensitive to the workings of that pivotal relationship. My ListenFeelPlay philosophies sit comfortably with other performance approaches, and Creative Performance Coaching has the potential to support and enhance the learning process with your teacher. This would always be my aim.

I believe there is no one way to learn and create, and ListenFeelPlay is about supporting you to find the way that best suits you, with the greatest creative outcomes. That process is in your hands, and my goal is to help you discover ‘your’ best way, taking into account the wide range and wealth of influences in your life.

Building Confidence

RNZ Concert asked me for advice around confidence, and in particular if it can be built. I believe it can. You can read what I had to say about it all on their website: Confidence Tricks - some tips for musical performance facebook LinkedIn Instagram

Effort, Age and Survival  

It is over a month since my last blog post and with the 6 weeks that have passed, we are well and truly in mid-summer here in Central Otago.

I have been systematically working through the 10 sonatas, regularly inspired by the awesome landscapes outside my window, and accompanied by my trusty sidekick – Coco the cat.

It turns out one of the biggest current challenges is physical fatigue…

A reset from the inside out

Having previously performed 6 of the 10 sonatas more than 20 years ago, it has been a lovely process coming back to the familiar, as well as discovering the new. Primarily due to the work I have been doing over the last 2 years getting to the nitty-gritty of my performance philosophies, these incredibly pristine works of Beethoven are proving to be an absolute gift for me.

Where to from here?

The next three months are super exciting for me, with 3 concerts confirmed in Mid-Feb 2020 for the performance of all 10 Beethoven sonatas within three days…and all in my new gorgeous neighbourhood of Central Otago.

It’s quite possible that I am naïve to the full enormity of this project – but one thing is for sure, sinking my teeth into these works again is a true treat, and the magnitude of the project is just what I am now needing at this point in my life.

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