Lilburn Duos CD Cover Image
On this recording, I was honoured to be joined by extraordinary pianist, and dear friend, Michael Houstoun, to bring four of Douglas Lilburn’s violin and piano duos to life. All four works bear Lilburn’s unmistakeable fingerprint; melodies are spacious and soaring, and often there are rhythmic figures of a few tossed-off fast notes within lyrical lines. These fleeting and snapped notes are certainly part of his signature, and specific rhythmic patterns are a Lilburn trademark.The musical character ranges from broad expansive melodies to skipping and energetic themes, with transitions between the characters beautifully handled. One of the two instruments will inspire a change, as if coaxing the other instrument to join in. This element of dialogue is extremely strong throughout these duos – all four works a joy to perform.



Track excerpts:

Featured Works:

Sonata for violin and piano (1950)

Allegro Concertante (1944, revised 1945)

Sonata in E flat (1943, revised 1984)

Sonata in C (1943, edited 1983, revised 1986)


Label: Atoll Records
Cover photo: Kristian Frires

Released October 2013